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How to Frame a Vinyl Record: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bruno, vinyl geek

Displaying your cherished vinyl records on your wall can transform them into both a personalized piece of art and a celebration of your favorite music. The rich history and cultural significance of vinyl records add a unique character to any space. Whether they’re rare LPs or albums with striking cover art, framing vinyl records is … Read more

Vinyl Care

vinyl record skipping

Vinyl Record Skips in Same Spot: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Bruno, vinyl geek

When you place a vinyl record onto your turntable, anticipating the rich, warm sound that vinyl is renowned for, it can be quite frustrating to encounter a skip, especially if it occurs repeatedly in the same spot. Skips can diminish your listening experience, interrupting the flow of music with jarring jumps in the sound. Understanding … Read more

Playing Vinyl

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What is Virgin Vinyl? The Ultimate Guide

Bruno, vinyl geek

When you come across the term “virgin vinyl,” you’re encountering a designation for vinyl that has never been used or processed before. This kind of vinyl is prized for its purity and as a new material, it doesn’t contain any impurities or previously degraded polymer that could compromise its quality. Particularly within the realm of … Read more