How We Got Started

In September 0f 2013, we faced our fears and opened an Etsy shop.  We only had a few products at the time, and to be totally honest, they weren't very good!  When we first started we made decals and wooden signs and a few other random things.  Over time we honed our skills and got MUCH better at what we do.  We kept advancing our business and offering more products and suddenly we found ourselves in the supply business.  We started to offer blanks and then eventually vinyl.

In March of 2016, we took the plunge and opened our very own brick and mortar business.  Up to this point we were shipping products or meeting local customers in the Target parking lot.  We decided it was time to venture into an actual store front. 

We had a dream, but not much other than that.  We lived, we learned, we constantly changed and rearranged things, and now we have a wonderful little shop.  We are still adding new and better products all the time and we absolutely love interacting with our customers.